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vinyl Flooring omaha

Vinyl Flooring Omaha NE


You may have considered replacing your old flooring or looking for the best flooring style to go with your new home. Out of all the other flooring options, vinyl flooring seems to have caught your eye. Vinyl flooring is known for its versatility and durability, making it one of the best flooring options for homeowners. It is an excellent alternative to hardwood, stone, and tile flooring, given that it is more affordable and moisture resistant. Aside from its affordability, it is also pretty easy to install, which can be handled by our Vinyl Flooring Omaha team. Vinyl flooring is also an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms, upholding quality and appeal. This type of flooring brings comfort since it is soft and warm to the feet and reduces fatigue when standing. Before deciding on whether vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for your home, here are a few things you should know.

Vinyl flooring comes in three forms. Depending on the type that you choose, the durability and style may differ.

Vinyl Sheets
Vinyl sheet flooring is considered to be the most affordable since it is mass-produced in rolls. A roll of vinyl sheets can reach up to 12 feet in width. Therefore, vinyl sheets bring an advantage to huge rooms or areas in your home. The price and quality of vinyl sheets would vary depending on the brand of your choice.

Vinyl Plank
Vinyl planks are more durable than vinyl sheets due to the process of how it was manufactured. The process produces well-bonded and extremely sturdy layers for vinyl planks. This type of vinyl flooring mimics the style and appeal of hardwood flooring. You can find many different styles and designs of vinyl planks from our Vinyl Plank Floors Omaha.

Vinyl Tile
Just as vinyl planks were designed to mimic hardwood flooring, vinyl tiles were created to be an alternative to ceramic tiles. Vinyl tiles and vinyl planks have both undergone meticulous processes that contribute to their thickness and durability. Additionally, vinyl tiles are easier to modify and fit within small spaces.

Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles
As technology progressed, manufacturers created a better and thicker alteration of the vinyl plank known as a luxury vinyl plank. Luxury vinyl planks can last longer than their standard vinyl counterparts due to rigid construction. Luxury vinyl tiles are also available with thicker and longer lifespans. The lifespan of your flooring can be attributed to the thickness of the wear layer. The thicker the layer it is, the more likely it is to be durable and last longer. Additionally, luxury vinyl planks and tiles are more natural and bring about a more realistic mimicry of hardwood and tile. Thus, the reason why most homeowners desire luxury vinyl planks and tiles.


Unlike other flooring options requiring regular maintenance and excessive care, vinyl flooring is easy to maintain. Due to its resistance to spills, you can mop or wipe up the spill and not worry about staining. Luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile can be scratch, stain, and water-resistant, but the performance depends on the coating. Our Vinyl Flooring Omaha team provides a high-quality vinyl coating that resists scratches and stains, allowing your flooring to last for up to 25 years!  


Like all flooring materials, there are both pros and cons to vinyl flooring. Though vinyl flooring might be mistaken for laminate flooring, it has the upper hand in being waterproof. Vinyl flooring does not absorb moisture that might cause swelling or shrinking. This alone gives it the qualification to be installed in kitchens or bathrooms, where moisture is present. It is softer and quieter underfoot than laminate flooring and easy to install. However, it takes a lot of effort and time to remove, making flooring replacements difficult. Despite its affordability, the prices of materials can differ along with their quality. You will need to inspect it properly and consider the brand that you are buying from.

Although vinyl flooring installation can be easy, it is best to call our Vinyl Flooring Omaha team if you want to achieve perfect uniformity and smoothness. Vinyl tile and plank flooring may require more effort to install since they need to be cut in the edges to fit areas in your home. Contact Vinyl Flooring Omaha team today!

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